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Rheumatoid Arthritis and Gum Disease

Research suggests that people who have gum disease and also have a severe form of rheumatoid arthritis benefit from having their dental problems addressed. A study published in the Journal of Periodontology showed that rheumatoid arthritis patients who received conservative treatment for their gum disease had reduced disease activity (as measured by self-assessment of function, number of swollen joints and levels of a blood inflammatory marker, ESR) compared with patients not receiving treatment for their gum disease.
October 18, 2017/by nmortho
New Mexico Orthopaedics Opens New Physical Therapy Location

NMOA Surgeon Leads Team Providing Joint Replacements for Adults Living with Arthritis

Dr. Joshua Carothers, a surgeon with New Mexico Orthopaedic…
October 17, 2017/by nmortho
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More & More Young People Are Getting Arthritis: Here’s What You Can Do

Think arthritis only affects the elderly? Think again. By 2030, an estimated 580 million people worldwide, ages 18 and older, will have been diagnosed with the disease. Pretty eye-opening, right?

Conventional medicine tends to treat arthritis with strong, immune-suppressing medications that temporarily relieve the symptoms of the disease. Unfortunately, I've seen how these medications can also damage your gut and how they fail to truly address the root cause of the issue. This World Arthritis Day, it’s time to make a change. I’m here to tell you that there’s another way—a way that’s designed to address the underlying causes—in order to reduce inflammation without medication. Here’s how:
October 13, 2017/by nmortho
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Foot pain? New study says look at hip and knee for complete diagnosis

A study by researchers at Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) and Harvard Medical School suggests new guidelines may be in order for evaluating and treating lower extremity pain. Investigators set out to determine if there was a relation between foot pain and lower extremity joint pain, and they found a significant association between foot pain and knee or hip pain.
October 11, 2017/by nmortho
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Osteoporosis: Biology behind age-related bone loss revealed

Researchers have mapped a cell mechanism that plays a key role in age-related bone loss. They suggest that the results not only shed light on the biology of osteoporosis but should also help to develop new drugs to treat the disease.
In the journal PNAS, scientists from both the University of Alabama at Birmingham and Zhejiang University in China explain how a protein called Cbf-beta is important for controlling the rate at which new bone cells replace old ones.
October 4, 2017/by nmortho
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Healing Broken Bones as Quickly as Possible

Fractures, broken bones—you can call it what you wish, they mean the same thing—are among the most common orthopedic problems; about seven million broken bones come to medical attention each year in the United States. The average person in a developed country can expect to sustain two fractures over the course of their lifetime.

Despite what you may have heard, a broken bone is not worse than a fracture, they both mean the same thing.
September 29, 2017/by nmortho
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Can You Increase Your Height As An Adult?

Some people are unhappy with their height and wish they could be taller. Unfortunately for most adults, there is not much that can be done to increase height.
After age 18, most tricks to increase height will not work, even with good nutrition and exercise

However, there are ways to appear taller and prevent loss of height, which is common as people age.
September 28, 2017/by nmortho
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How Do Broken Bones Heal?

A fall, followed by a crack - many people are no stranger to this. Broken bones are painful, but the majority heal very well. The secret lies in stem cells and bone's natural ability to renew itself.
Many people think of bones as being solid, rigid, and structural. Bone is, of course, key to keeping our bodies upright, but it is also a highly dynamic and active organ.
September 23, 2017/by nmortho
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Why Finger Joints Click, Snap, and Pop

Rest assured that the most common causes of finger popping is not a problem at all. Many people can make their fingers pop, often called cracking their knuckles. The sound you hear is thought to be caused by air bubbles moving in the fluid that surrounds your joints. When there is no pain associated with finger popping, it is seldom a problem and really harmless. That being said, if your noisy finger joints are associated with pain or swelling, it's good to see your doctor for an evaluation.
September 20, 2017/by nmortho
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4 Things You’re Doing That Are Ruining Your Joints

It used to be that joint replacements were a problem for older people. But today orthopedic surgeons are seeing people in their 40s, 50s, or younger. In fact, surgeons at The Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City say the number of people younger than 60 going under the knife is up at least 15% in the last 2 years. Plus, data from the National Center for Health Statistics finds the number of hip replacements more than doubled in a 10-year span, skyrocketing by 205% in people ages 45 to 54.
September 15, 2017/by nmortho
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Children Can Develop Juvenile Arthritis

When most people think of arthritis, they don't associate it with children. The most common misconception about arthritis is that it is an old person's disease. In reality, arthritis affects people of all ages, including about 300,000 American children.

In young people and children under the age of 16, arthritis is classified differently than in adults. The course of the disease in children is usually different than in adults. 

Children experience different symptoms and generally have a more favorable prognosis.

Childhood arthritis is called juvenile arthritis or juvenile idiopathic arthritis. It is also referred to as juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (JRA), though that is an older term.
September 13, 2017/by nmortho
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Collagen in Cartilage Tissues Behaves Like Liquid Crystals in a Smart Phone Screen

Cartilage in our joints contains collagen which behaves a bit like the liquid crystals on a smart phone screen, according to researchers at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL).

The collagen changes its crystallinity in response to physical forces, so the ordered arrangement in collagen molecules of the cartilage in our knees may be flipping from one structural state to another with every step we take.
September 6, 2017/by nmortho