Sprains & Strains • Fractures • Minor Dislocations • Sports Injuries

New Mexico Orthopaedics After Hours Clinic

New Mexico Orthopaedics Associates (NMOA) has opened an After Hours Clinic at our Main location. This clinic will be open Monday through Thursday from 5pm to 8pm with service provided by an “Ortho Injury Care Team”.

The Ortho Injury Care Team includes a certified physicians assistant, casting, and X-ray professionals, and an orthopaedic surgeon.

The new After Hours Clinic will allow adults and children with unexpected orthopaedic injuries to be seen by a trained team of orthopaedic medical professionals, without going to an Emergency Room or an Urgent Care center.

The Ortho Injury Care Team will see patients with unexpected injuries such as strains, sprains, minor dislocations, fractures, and sports injuries.

M-Th | 5pm – 8pm

201 Cedar SE, Suite 6600,
Albuquerque, NM, 87106

“This new clinic supports our goal of bringing orthopaedic professionals to our community at patient-convenient times and locations, as we continue to advance orthopaedic excellence for New Mexicans.”

Rafael Garcia, PA-C