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Managing Neck and Lower Back Pain

Article featured on Cone Health According to Dahari Brooks, MD, neck and lower back pain is often caused by muscle strain, degenerative disc disease or arthritis. “If the pain comes on suddenly and out of the blue, you may have pulled a muscle and can begin with at home treatments,” shares Dr. Brooks. If you […]

What a Dislocated Elbow Means

Article featured on the Cleveland Clinic. The elbow is composed of three bones. A dislocation happens when any of these bones become separated or knocked out of place. If you think you have dislocated your elbow, you should get immediate medical help. What is a dislocated elbow? A dislocated elbow occurs when any of the […]

Is It Time for a Pain Management Reboot?

Article featured on WebMD Now that we are entering a new phase in the COVID-19 pandemic where access to vaccines is high, infection rates are declining, and there is greater access to health-related services, this might be a time to reevaluate your pain management plan and consider what changes can make a positive impact. Let’s start by taking a […]

Are You Ready for a Marathon?

Article featured on Summit Orthopedics If you are a runner, running a marathon may be on your bucket list. We share some advice for you to consider before you commit to your first marathon. In the summertime race events are plentiful. Runners can include the whole family in a day of fitness fun by signing […]

Potential Causes of Elbow and Arm Pain

Article features on News Medical Life Sciences There are various possible causes of elbow pain or arm pain. These include injury to the arm, compression of the nerves that serve the arm, arthritis, and various other health conditions. Injury A sprain can occur when a movement of the arm has caused damage to the connective […]

Cervical Disc Surgery: Disc Replacement or Fusion?

Article featured on WebMD, medically reviewed by Sabrina Felson, MD The vast majority of people — more than 90% — with pain from cervical disc disease will get better on their own over time with simple, conservative treatments. Surgery, however, may help if other treatments fail or if symptoms worsen to the point that weakness in […]

Why Does My Knee Pop?

Article featured on Cone Health Medical Group Have you ever bent down to pick up something and heard a loud pop or crack coming from your knees? This sound is called “crepitus,” which is defined as “joint noise.” Popping knees are not unusual. It happens when carbon dioxide builds up in the joint’s synovial fluid […]

Back Sprains and Strains

Article featured on Cleveland Clinic A back strain is an injury to either a muscle or tendon, while a back sprain is the stretching or tearing of a ligament. The symptoms, causes and treatment of back strains and sprains are discussed. Overview The back is a complex structure of bone and muscle, supported by cartilage, […]

Shin Splints Prevention

Article featured on Humpal Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Centers A shin splint, which is medically referred to as tibial stress syndrome, is a painful injury to the shin that commonly affects runners, but also dancers and other athletes. Shin pain most often occurs on the medial side of the shin (termed medial tibial stress […]

RA Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore

Article featured on WebMD, Medically reviewed by Brunilda Nazario, MD Rheumatoid arthritis can have many symptoms. The most common are stiff, painful joints and fatigue. But this disease causes inflammation in many body parts, so you may have symptoms that you don’t realize are related to RA. Some are signs of serious complications that put […]