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‘Coaxing’ stem cells to form new bone tissue

By Maria Cohut | Article Featured on Medical News Today New research has identified a possible way to manipulate certain stem cells to generate new bone tissue. The results of this investigation could vastly improve the outcome for people with skeletal injuries or conditions such as osteoporosis. A new study looks at how to encourage stem […]

What to do with a Torn ACL

Learn about ACL injuries and become a more educated athlete so you know when to seek medical attention and can return to your sport as soon as possible.

6 Best Ice Packs For Knee Replacement Surgery (Plus DIY Ice Pack)

Article Featured on Knee Replacement Discovery Icing the knee isn’t the best part about TKR recovery. Most people, even athletes, dislike icing because it’s cold and uncomfortable (numbness and pain). However icing your knee after replacement surgery can be an extremely beneficial way to reduce inflammation and aid in a quicker recovery. How can icing […]